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Coming soon – Vacant Sky Awakening: Overture of Innocence

January 29, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

It’s been a while since we’ve had any news. Sorry for the lack of updates, but everything we’ve been working on has been kind of coming to a head at the same time, so expect us to make up for it in the coming weeks. We have one big VSA-related surprise coming up and after we finally unveil it, we should have a lot more to say about behind the scenes stuff going forward.

Today, I’m going to provide some more concrete news about the next release from Project BC. This project in particular is very exciting as it marks our first major non-game product and our first foray into expanding the Vacant Sky universe into more media.

Vacant Sky Awakening: Overture of Innocence is a collection of three short stories written by Kim Dyer which provide insight into various characters, both peripheral and primary, in the Age of Antiquity. Two take place in the distant past and one runs parallel to the events of Episode 1.

  • First Light of Summer is a vignette from Sarian’s childhood and tells of the aftermath of her struggle with the illness that nearly claimed her life.
  • Waltz Through Ashes chronicles the journey of a young Kortas Maladorr and Vaius Monarim, fathers of Dakura and Sarian respectively. When Kortas is sent by his father to investigate a missing emissary, he brings along his grief-stricken friend Vaius to aid him.
  • An Innocent Madness follows one of the most notorious bounty hunters in the city of Acacia on a job that will drag her deep into the teeming underworld of Orkan politics. Her latest hunt will test her moral fiber as she navigates the powderkeg of intrigue which threatens to ignite the whole city.

These stories will be available for free to Kickstarter backers who pledged for them. A short while later, they will be available for sale as an ebook. The collection is currently expected to retail at $4.99.

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