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Screenshot Saturday 4: Exceptions



This week, let’s take a look at a new feature to the Complete Edition: Exceptions.Exceptions in the Complete Edition work similarly to how Charges worked in the original version. In the original version of Vacant Sky, Auria could store up Charges to perform special attacks. That system has been expanded.

Now, every party member has the “Charge” command, which increases the party’s stock of EP (Exception Points), which is indicated by the glowing lights beneath the turn gauge. Furthermore, each party member has a number of “Exceptions,” or special attacks which consume EP to use. Auria’s special abilities, such as Rend to Sorrows, are now examples of Exceptions.

Because every party member has the ability to pull from the stock of EP, the amount that you can have is now easier to increase. Through sidequests, you gain the ability to store more EP. Similarly, most Exceptions must be unlocked through sidequests, although some are given to you through plot advancement.


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