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First Look: Vagrant Blood

A few weeks ago, GamingW.net held a contest for game developers, in which entrants had to put together a game in under two weeks with a maximum of an hour length.

We took a break from play testing the new demo to piece together an entry in this contest, producing in five days EPIC: Vagrant Blood. Vagrant Blood is an action-oriented game starring our vagrant Virad renegade, Weapon. It follows Weapon and a comrade of his, a Virad sharpshooter named Genivieve, in their mission to recover something precious that has been stolen from the Virad.

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The combat system is also much more luck-based; though it will feel familiar to players of Contention, some techniques (such as Weapon’s trademark Shadow Wave) have a chance of dealing either high or low damage, making them a gambit that could turn the course of a battle.

rpg maker xp

Vagrant Blood in premise and design is much more humorous and light-hearted than the main story of Contention.  As one should expect from a game starring Weapon, it’s packed with dark humor and opportunities to cause havoc around the two towns that are visited within the scope of the story.

Expect the complete game to be released within a week.  Stay tuned for further updates.

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  1. Mochan
    May 11, 2008 at 11:27 am

    Wow. Sounds great! Good luck!

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